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Our Goal

Help experts and highly educated professionals leverage their expertise for high visibility and higher income.

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Take advantage of this workshop, learn practical strategies to leverage your expertise to gain visibility and increase your income. Over a period of two weeks you will learn:


Clarity On Business Objectives

Here we will discuss practical business strategies on how to validate your business ideas and present your offer in a way that attracts the attention of your target customers.


Opportunities & Visibility

This segment is focused on leveraging your expertise to create higher visibility, authority and income. Different opportunities that can be leveraged will be highlighted.


Identify Expertise/Talents

This covers how to identify specific expertise you need to get your business started. Platforms that can be used to identify talents in short time at a cost effective way will also be discussed.


Understanding Networking For Business.

Here we will cover the types of networking opportunities that are highly beneficial, why they are beneficial and how to leverage such networks.


Developing A Clear Strategy For Revenue

For this , the focus is developing an effective strategy to generate consistent revenue.

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Meet The Workshop Facilitator.

Scientist and strategy consultant with a strong track record of achieving exceptional results.

Founder at FoodNiche Inc, where she led her team to successful partnerships with Fortune 500 companies such as SAP, Kroger, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

Dr. Olayanju is an internationally recognized thought-leader, who drives conversation towards a healthier food system. She has contributed on authority sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global and more recently is the host of the Food + Health Talks Podcast.

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